The Mission of consulting wine

“Our goal is to serve family vineyard, wine, spirits, agriculture and beverage distribution businesses in the United States & Europe by guiding major business transitions. Whether a start up business, reorganization or Family Business transitioning to the next generation, we provide the tools, resources, and one-on-one guidance to make positive growth changes.”

-Nicholas Karavidas - Principal Consulting Wine

“Wine Concepts is the only company I know of in the U.S. combining several decades of large wine brand management knowhow with the strategies and insights that Fortune Companies have been utilizing for nearly two generations.”
— Carl Schroeder, CEO Geo Strategies, Inc.

What We're Achieving

  • Bringing geographic mapping support to the small and medium sized wineries of the US.

  • Introduction of Fortune thought processes to all channels of the wine trade.

  • Reducing time investments and risk when designing brands by designing for specific segments.

  • Partnering with consultancies and technology providers for added value services.