vineyard & wine Enterprise vision

Nick is a family business and legacy consultant who has built and successfully operated several California family wine businesses during his nearly 4-decade career.

Having developed multiple highly distributed wine brands & growing those businesses into global impacting service companies has given Nick a powerful insight in his family business development & coaching role. 

Nick's clients consist of California vineyard and winery owners, distilled spirits producers and other US agricultural family operations who desire to grow and operate their family businesses from one generation into the next.

Dream Team Winemakers

The “Dream Team Winemakers” are a group of 5 specialist veterans of Construction, Compliance, Viticulture & Production.

Nick Karavidas heads the Dream Team as Project Manager with over 140 collective years of experience between them.

“The purpose of the ‘dream-team’ is to insure that when a client has a project need, we have a push-button team ready to handle all aspects of a project from the dirt to the retail sale.”

Current projects as of September 2019 include:

  • Winery Development - 5,000 Sq. Ft. in So. Cal.

  • Vineyard Development - 13 Acres in So. Cal & 60 Acres in Lodi, Ca.

  • Distilled Spirits Business Acquisition - Reno, NV

  • Company & Beverage Product Branding - Lodi and Temecula.

  • Family Legacy Operational Planning - Lodi